Anthurium Andraeanum

Flamingo Lily

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    Anthurium Andraeanum Flamingo Lily - Buy Indoor Plants in Dubai Anthurium Andraeanum Flamingo Lily - Buy Indoor Plants in Dubai


    Anthurium Andraeanum is the most sought after specie among more than thousand species of anthurium. If you are looking for year round flowers, then Bingo; Flamingo Lily flower or Laceleaf plant are capable of almost continuous bloom. Surrounded by dark-green leaves, the distinctive heart-shaped waxy spathes (Flower but not a Flower) with upright tail-like flower spikes stand tall like a flamingo. It’s the best housewarming and air purifying gift, as it denominates hospitality and is a centerpiece during Christmas. 

      Bright indirect light

      Water once a week

      Toxic if ingested

      Require 70%-80% humidity


      Feed monthly in the growing season

      Repot after 1 year

     Note: The plant comes in nursery/grow pot.

    Detailed Care Guide

    Light: Bright indirect light.

    Water: Water once a week in small amounts but regularly. Never let the soil dry out completely.

    Pet-friendly: Plant is toxic if ingested. Can cause burning sensation in the mouth.

    Humidity: Anthurium loves a humid environment. 70%-80% is ideal. Mist the leaves twice daily. If this sounds like a lot of work then use a humidifier or place the plant in a shallow tray filled with water and pebbles.

    Temperature: Thrive in temperatures between 65-85℉.

    Fertilizer: Feed the plant monthly in the growing season. Use a liquid fertilizer diluted to 1/4 strength. To get those amazing blood red blooms use a fertilizer with high phosphorus number (the middle number in the ratio of fertilzer).

    Repotting: Anthurium will start showing air roots when it's time for repotting. The new pot should be only 2 inches larger than the original. The plant prefers a coarse well-draining soil. An orchid mix with small portions of sand and peat moss is best.

    Common Problems

    Yellow Leaves: Direct bright light may cause the leaves to turn yellow and eventually burn. Brown tips also indicate that plant is receiving too much direct bright light.

    Droopy Leaves: Anthurium droops its leaves if it is exposed to cold air or if the temperature of the room is low at all times. Anthurium grows best at 65℉-85℉. One other reason can be overwatering and not letting the water drain out of the soil completely which can cause waterlogging and evnetually root rot.

    What's Included ?

    ● Healthy plant pre-potted with premium soil.
    ● Decorative Ceramic pot (if selected):
        Pot size: 17cm diameter, 20cm tall.
    ● A care card with expert tips & tricks so that you never kill your houseplant.
    ● Plant arrives in a nursery grow pot nestled in your chosen planter.
    ● If someone is lucky enough to be receiving this plant as a gift, don't forget to enter your gift message at the basket. We won't include any paperwork with prices on!

    Note: Each plant is unique; size, color and shape may vary slightly so all measurements are shown as a range.

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