Frequently Asked Questions.

In order to make sure that your plant arrives in a happy, healthy condition, our plants ship in their nursery grow pot. Allowing plants to stay in their nursing pots during shipping helps reduce the risk of stress and shock that can happen if they were re-potted before leaving the greenhouse. 

If you paired your plant with one of our decorative planters, the nursery pot will be nestled inside it.  

Once you receive your plant, it is recommended that you place your plant at the spot where you want to keep it, and leave it there, in its nursing pot, for at least 6 months; allowing it to adjust to its new environment. If you have a decorative pot you want to place your plant in, just nestle the nursery pot into that pot.

The short answer is, no.

 First, let your plant acclimate to its new environment. Place the plant in the spot you plan to keep it in and let it settle in for about two weeks.

When your plant has adjusted to your home’s light levels and temperature, you can pot it into its ceramic planter, if you choose. But remember, this is optional: as long as your plant still has room to grow in its nursery grow pot, and looks happy and healthy, you don’t need to lift a finger! You can always place the nursing pot into your decorative pot, which will also act as a saucer. Plus you can always take out the plant for a shower and wash the pot easily. Do what works best for you! Do not be afraid to try different methods for different plants.

Healthy plant pre-potted with premium soil.

Decorative Ceramic pot (if selected):

Pot size: 17cm diameter, 20cm tall for plant size 35-40cm and 50-60cm.

Pot Size: 20 cm diameter, 25cm tall for plant size 70-90cm.

A care card with expert tips & tricks so that you never kill your houseplant.

And a lot of good wishes from team Plantale.

Note: Each plant is unique; size, color and shape may vary slightly so all measurements are shown as a range.

Consider the following questions while selecting a plant for your space:

How much light you have?

A spot with lot of bright indirect light gives you a lot of options while compared to a dark space with little or no light. But we have a plant for each setting and you can always use a grow light if natural light isn’t good enough.

How much time you have to care for the plant?

Some plants can go without water for a week or two, others may need more frequent care. In the description of each plant we’ve mentioned the requirements. Plus you can always contact us on live chat to help you choose the best plant suited for you. 

What style and size you like?

It all depends on what you like. Don’t worry about the space, plants make their own space once you welcome them in. Some may like tree like plants, others may like flowering ones or creepers, that’s totally on you.
If you have a green thumb, you may want a plant baby and grow it yourself, or you just can’t wait to have an urban jungle, you may choose fully grown plants. We have different sizes for the same type of plants that you can choose from. 

You have a specific plant in mind but can’t find it on our store, just contact us and we’ll make it available, no matter how rare it is.

A care card is included in package for each plant you order. We have detailed care guides on each plant page on our website. Gift recipients receive instructions on how to care for their plants in their package, too. 

You can always reach our team of plant care experts through live chat, email at help@plantale.ae or what’s app number 0504424362.

If your plant arrived healthy but is no longer doing well, reach out to us with pictures. We’re happy to help figure out what’s going on. Sometimes plants need a few weeks to acclimate to their new environment: your home or office. However, if your plant continues to decline in health during its first month, we will replace it for free as part of our 15-Day Customer Happiness Guarantee.

If you purchased your plant more than 30 days ago, don’t worry. Detailed care instructions are also available on each plant page, including a tab for sad plant signs to predict that your plant is having a problem, followed by solutions to resolve the problems. 

Our expert horticulturists are always there to help you. You will be guided through all the tips and tricks to keep the plant healthy and growing through all seasons. Reach us through live chat or email at help@plantale.ae

Yes. The plant you receive will be similar to or even better than the one you see on our website. 

Each live plant is distinctive in shape, color and size so it may vary slightly but we try our best to make sure that it matches what you see or even exceeds your expectations. 

Sure we can.

We are constantly adding more plants to our store. Moreover we offer plant styling services to help you create that green space you want. We can always help you with all the plants you need. Just reach us through help@plantale.ae or fill out the form here. Our experts will contact you to help you create your green space or find the plant that fit your requirements.

Are you a rare plant collector? Just reach out to us and we’ll help you find the plant species from across the globe.

All orders are charged at the checkout. We accept secure payments through credit or debit card.

Cash on delivery (COD) option is also available. 

If someone is lucky enough to be receiving this plant as a gift, don't forget to enter your gift message in the basket. We won't include any paperwork with prices on! Also provide separate shipping and billing addresses in case of COD. You can rest assured that all orders are shipped without pricing information and include directions on how to access our digital Care Library for plant care instructions. 

Standard shipping is free throughout the UAE. Orders with standard shipping will be delivered within 3-5 working days. Additionally, express shipping is also available for AED 35 and 1-2 day delivery time.

Currently Plantale ships all over the UAE only.

Once you place an order, your package will arrive at your selected address within 3-5 working days.

If you need a faster delivery, express shipping option is also available for AED 35. Express shipping will deliver your order within 1-2 working days or your selected date. Please select the express shipping option at the checkout.

We can place your order at the door front, with building security or with a neighbor as you deem fit. Please leave instructions at the checkout.

We however do not recommend leaving the plant at the front door if it receives direct sunlight, as it can stress/damage the plant. If you think this is the case, please leave instructions at checkout e.g. about handing it over to a neighbor or security. You can also ask for delivery during a certain timeframe and our riders will take care of that.

In order to change/cancel your order, please contact our customer service immediately at help@plantale.ae . In order to offer the best customer experience, we start preparing your order right away. We are unable to make changes to the order once it has shipped. You can however return the order if you are not satisfied with it. 

For large orders or corporate gifting inquiries, please fill out our contact form or reach us at help@plantale.ae.

We guarantee your plants will arrive in happy, healthy and completely pest free condition. If not, we replace them for free as part of our 15-Day Customer Happiness Guarantee. Reach out to us at help@plantale.ae or through live chat within 15 days of receiving your order so we can get a new shipment on its way to you. We require photos as proof of damage and to help us improve our packaging process.

We have a 15-day return policy, which means you have 15 days after receiving your item to request a return. 

Plants and pots are fragile, and occasional damages are inevitable despite our efforts. If your order arrived damaged, let us know at help@plantale.ae within 15 days so we can replace it as part of our 15-Day Customer Happiness Guarantee. Photos are required as proof of damage and to help us improve our packaging process. If your damaged plant or pot is no longer in stock, we will offer a replacement. 

Tip: Sometimes plants just need a little TLC after being in transit. One of our plant care experts may coach you through how to overcome something cosmetic, such as bent leaves.

Note: As with all living things, the appearance of the plant on the website may differ slightly to the one delivered since there may be some natural variation to the plant as every plant is unique and their growth is seasonal.

Do you have any other question?

Please email us at help@plantale.ae

Happy Planting