Who We Are

Plants are so much more than mere decoration; their presence is therapeutic and adds color and texture to otherwise lifeless indoor spaces. 

" Biophilia- The innate human instinct to seek connection with nature. "

It is not just a philosophy- Biophilic designs have become increasingly important as they encourage the connection between humans and nature as well as promote wellness and productivity.  At Plantale, we specialize in carrying a collection of high quality plants and strive to provide exceptional customer service through your every step towards nature. 

In addition to the aesthetic factors, witnessing the growth of a plant, understanding how it changes with light and space, seeing it bloom and moving the soil are just some of the acts that create new values and feelings. By bringing greens in your daily life, we will help you work on your emotions so that you can have your own Plant Tale. Our passion and experience for plants spans two generations.