Pilea peperomia

Chinese Money Plant

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    Pilea peperomia Chinese Money Plant - Buy Indoor Plants in Dubai Pilea peperomia Chinese Money Plant - Buy Indoor Plants in Dubai


    Want to keep some swaying coins in your soil pot? Obviously not! But, it is possible with Pilea Peperomia, also known as the Chinese Money Plant, which has rounded high foliage and glossy leaves to swirl like tiny spaceships indoors. Being a native to Yunnan Province, China, this plant has something unique to cater good vibes in your home and life. With its easy to care for quality, air purification support, and eye-compelling appearance, these indoor plants are considered to be a wish for financial stability and wealth by plant and horticulture specialist Magda Lindstedt.

     Note: The plant comes in nursery/grow pot.

    Detailed Care Guide

    Sunlight: Requires medium-bright indirect light and easily bears the direct sunlight for a few hours.
    Water: Water the plant once a week when the soil is 75% dry. Give water according to the light availability. If the light is low, give less water; try to water it more when it is brighter.
    Pet-Friendly: This is a pet-friendly plant.
    Humidity: No humidifier is needed because it can survive on 60% humidity, which is average for any room or indoors.
    Temperature: This coin-shaped plant needs 55°F-85°F (13°C-30°C). Try to maintain this temperature and do not decrease from this point.
    Fertilizer: Generally, feeding Pilea Peperomia once a month during the growing season will help it to stay healthy. Use a balanced liquid fertilizer diluted to half strength.
    Repotting: When the roots start growing out of the drainage holes at the pots base or become visible on top of the soil then it's time to repot. You can do this any time of the year, no matter its dormancy during the colder months. Get a relatively larger pot than its previous one. Use a well-draining potting mix because this plant does not like wet feet.

    Common Problems

    Leaves drooping: Pilea droops its leaves when it is overwatered. Water your plant only when the top 75% of the soil dries out and let the water drain out completely after watering.

    Yellow leaves: Lower leaves turning yellow and eventually falling off is a sign that your plant is aging which is completely normal.

    What's Included ?

    ● Healthy plant pre-potted with premium soil.
        Plant size: 20cm-25cm
    ● Decorative Clay pot (if selected):
        Pot size: 12cm diameter, 13cm tall
    ● A care card with expert tips & tricks so that you never kill your houseplant.
    ● Plant arrives in a nursery grow pot nestled in your chosen planter.
    ● If someone is lucky enough to be receiving this plant as a gift, don't forget to enter your gift message at the basket. We won't include any paperwork with prices on!

    Note: Each plant is unique; size, color and shape may vary slightly so all measurements are shown as a range. Decorative pots and props used in photographs are not included.

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