Stromanthe Sanguinea Triostar

Calathea Triostar

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    Stromanthe Sanguinea Triostar Calathea Triostar - Buy Indoor Plants in Dubai Stromanthe Sanguinea Triostar Calathea Triostar - Buy Indoor Plants in Dubai


    Triostar Stromanthe is a tropical plant that is native to rainforests in Brazil. Calathea Triostar can add color and life to any room with its color pallette style leaves. Grown in the perfect conditions; this plant can thrive indoors. If you are a beginner gardener or thinking of adding a pop of color to your space, Bingo, Stromanthe (Stromanthe Sanguinea) has top-quality, full-range foliage with radiant shades of pink with green leaves. Its natural beauty and color combination of leaves are perfect for bringing the outdoors inside. This plant can be grown in hot and wet climates but is incredibly successful indoors and used as an in-house plant / indoor plant because of its eye-compelling sight. 

     Note: The plant comes in nursery/grow pot.

    Detailed Care Guide

    Light: The plant requires medium filtered light and does not like direct sun exposure. So, keeping it near an eastern side window that only gives light morning sunlight supports its growth and avoids burning. 

    Water: Water the plant when the top 1” (2.5 cm) layer of soil is dry. It requires slightly moist soil. So, try to avoid water clogging.

    Pet-friendly: This is a pet-friendly plant; do not worry if your pet nibbles it. 

    Humidity: Keep the humidity level at 50 percent indoors to help your plant grow. To have glowy and beautiful leaves, you can spray them daily for their thriving and vibrant foliage.

    Temperature: Maintain the temperature between 65°F and 80°F (18°C – 27°C). Do not go beyond the mentioned temperature because it hinders plant growth.

    Fertilizer: The best time to fertilize a Stromanthe sanguinea triostar plant is during its active growth period, which usually occurs in spring and summer. Use a water-soluble fertilizer and dilute it in water. Pour it into a watering can and water the plants thoroughly. 

    Repotting: You can do repotting after two years because it is a slow-growing plant. When you feel the soil is not good or the roots are not thriving at the bottom, move toward the repotting of Stromanthe sanguinea triostar but do it in spring. 

    Common Problems

    Pale leaves: One of the leading issues with this plant is yellow or pale leaves. It happens due to overwatering. So avoid it to keep it beautiful and full of foliage.

    Crispy Edges: This problem occurs due to underwatering or keeping the plant dry for a long time. Watering your plant properly is essential to reduce the risk of getting crispy edges.

    What's Included ?

    ● Healthy plant pre-potted with premium soil.
    ● Decorative Ceramic pot (if selected):
        Pot size: 17cm diameter, 20cm tall for plant size 35-40cm and 50-60cm
        Pot Size: 20 cm diameter, 25cm tall for plant size 70-90cm
    ● A care card with expert tips & tricks so that you never kill your houseplant.
    ● Plant arrives in a nursery grow pot nestled in your chosen planter.
    ● If someone is lucky enough to be receiving this plant as a gift, don't forget to enter your gift message at the basket. We won't include any paperwork with prices on!

    Note: Each plant is unique; size, color and shape may vary slightly so all measurements are shown as a range. Plant comes in nursery grow pot, decorative pot and props used in photography are not included.

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